Trade unionism

  1. Creating awareness on workers’ rights in line with the Kenya Constitution 2010 and Labour Relations Act 2007.
  2. Organising and recruiting workers into the union membership for Collective Bargaining.
  3. Promoting, protecting and safeguarding workers’ rights and improving working conditions at the workplace.
  4. Educating workers in the Industry on Labour Relations, The Constitution and Management Development, such as Leadership, Communication, Industrial Relations and the New Constitution.
  5. Handling workers’ Labour Disputes at the workplace and offering legal services.
  6. Lobbying and advocacy for workers rights and regulatory order in the industry.
  7. Attending local and international conferences and workshops.
  8. Seeking partnership and collaboration with local and international organisations with similar objectives.
  9. Affiliating with local and international organisations.
  10. Creating awareness on child labour and HIV/AIDS.
  11. Creating awareness on social protection issues. 

Union Sacco

  1. The Union established and Registered a SACCO in June 2015 for the Socio-economic empowerment for its members.
  2. The members save for 6 months after which they are eligible for a loan.
  3. The Sacco pay bill Number is640699


Sacco Officials

Handing over cheques to members

Sacco officials

Handing over cheques to members